fat cat

this is me, trying to get into the cat-mood, impersonalise their character.
i am so in love with cats that i dare myself to admit this, i like cats more than babies.

everything about this felis catus i craze about. the way they lick their furr and never get tired of it. the way they sleep in effortlessly innocent way. their phobiatic reaction toward water. their carelessly unaware of our harsh words toward them when they make terrible things and feel un-guilty at all. the way they scratch our sofas. the way their ears move backward when they feel annoyed or angry. the way they wrenching their bodies. the way their paw lies on your hands. the way they fight with each other. the way their tail move. the colour of their eyes. their super high curiosity level that might kill them. the way they purr when the feel comfortable and in state of happiness. and last but not least, the fact that they cant eat chocolate (or else they might die) but can still be happy.

even in a million years or in another life, or getting trough several of incarnation. i will never be a cat. nutella and nips and magnum almond chocolate ice cream and cadbury booster define heavens.

p/s : i cut my hair, it felt nothing.