the act of heating the car's engine before we start to drive to prevent the engine from getting stall or damaged. we only using 10% of our brain. reading in the dim lights or watching telly too close can damage your eyes. 

youve been living in lies.

warming up cars engine before start to drive actu­ally hurt­ing your engine and pol­lut­ing the envi­ron­ment the most by let­ting your cold engine idle. if we did use only 10 percent of our brains we’d be close to dead. and NO, reading in the dim lights or watching telly too close do not damage your eyes at all. all have been scientifically proved.

the point of statements above are not to make you feel stupid or anything.
but to feel scared.

scared with the fact that we simply believe in what people around us or the medias keep telling us just because its sounds true and intelligent. we didnt search, we didnt dig, we didnt find it out by ourselves. we just absorb. we just sit there and listen and easily apply it in our life just because people say it so and do not have curiosity of finding it out whether its true or otherwise. this lackness of awareness and knowledge will benefit villains or some people or asscociation who have negative agendas

this is what i witnessed in our society nowadays. and to be admit, i often fell in it too.