The Adventureless of SF

the end of one of the chapter in the adventeourless book of Syafinas Fuaad. its the chapter where an ordinary  yet uncoordinated university student who have finished her diploma and the two years of adventourless and bewildered youth with the most nicest friends that she possibly can get and the atmosphere of green rural area of Kuala Pilah that synonym wit the strong village cultures, nature and farm animals. while others are busy to get over this as soon as possible, she on the other hand was a little bit upset, that she soon will be leaving this and got no clue at all  how the new chapter might become. the beginning is here.

what is the plot of the new chapter, who will shes going to meet, who is she going to be friends with, is she will be doom  in the new chapter or there will  be the victorous point in it. or most likely, will she be as lifeless as ever. 

suddenly she realise. all of the shits above is not important
she have no other desire than being happy and become a better person
and she is working hard for it