the book of love


the worthiest notebook i ever bought. unlike most of costly and pricey notebook/sketchbook that have adorable and artsy krafty cover design come with small size which  didnt worth the price, this son of a beach cost me only rm8 something cent. with slightly bigger than the size of usual notebook with two different parts, half of this book is sketch papers and the other half is lined papers, this book is a winner. its a sheets of kraft papers that doesnt leave the pencil's graphites marks easily and hard to get ripped after million times of erase.

stuff i have drawn in this notebook for the past two months.
(there a several others that i didnt show due to it personal content hehe)

based on the title of the Noah and The Whale album, Peaceful, the World Lays Me Down.
based on my own pair of shoes. i didnt wear it much because of it striking turquoise colour. 

based on my own sudden random thoughts on human lungs. the bronchioles in our lungs would grow some colourful flowers and leaves, if we can really do inhale happiness.

favourite line from the favourite tracks.

based on my favourite scene in season one of Skins where Chris, a heavy stoner feed his fish with some pills and weeds. i found this scene pretty hilarious.